A preheat tower we detailed for a client.

Greetings from SDI

 Steel Detailers International was established 35 years ago by 3 detailers eager to enter the (at the time) new and exciting world of computer detailing. After a year of researching the detailing programs available at the time we decieded to invest in SDS/2 for the future of our company. Twenty years later we made the decision to specialize in nuclear construction at our domestic office and expanded our capabilities with our overseas operation.

 At SDI we provide clear and accurate drawings to ensure that all steel can be produced and erected accurately and efficiently. We collaborate with engineers and fabricators so that changes and requests may be completed with as little delay as possible.

SDI's Mission

 Our mission has always been to provide highly accurate drawing at and affordable price. Our detailers create drawings efficiently while maintaining accuracy and precision. When you choose SDI you are choosing professional quality, performance, and expertise.

Our Past Projects

 We have worked with many fabricators to bring their projects to completion. Here are some examples of the quality drawings that we provide.

  1. Quezon Power Plant

    • Our company detailed this massive 512 MW coal fire power plant.

      The view from the ocean.

  2. Hanford Nuclear Waste Facility

  3. VC Summer Units 2 and 3

  4. TXI Cement Plant